Make Someone Happy Day T-Shirts

Make Someone Happy Day is October 13th

Here is what Happy the Artist says... It takes practice being happy and huggers are happier because when we hug our hearts synchronize in 9 seconds. When hearts synch, it's the universal reminder we are all one.

Happy the Artist created Make Someone Happy Day T-Shirts because beneath the surface we all want to be embraced and feel loved. The front of the "Make Someone Happy Day" t-shirts has 2 hands holding a heart and the back of the t-shirt has "Spontaneous Happiness Starts with a Hug".

Wait a minute... when is the last time you hugged someone? Well, put on your Make Someone Happy Day t-shirt on and go out and hug someone today. Touching hearts make sparks fly and create spontaneous happiness. Happy the Artist t-shirts have hugging happiness built in, so its cool to hug! Celebrate happiness everyday!

T-Shirt Sizes
Make Someone Happy Day T-Shirt Front
T-Shirt Front
Make Someone Happy Day T-Shirt Back
T-Shirt Back

Who is Happy the Artist?

Happy the Artist is a public icon of unmatched personal joy, individuality and happiness. His lush grand scale hand-painted murals wash the room in sensation and speak to you visually, emotionally and intuitively. Happy says, “I see the walls of a room as the pages of a book. When you finish a mural, it should tell your story.” Many have been amused and entertained by the "Happee Mobile" and the "Happy Attire" that people associate with Happy the Artist; however underneath the "Happy Persona" is a serious artist. He is known for his brilliant and creative ideas as well as his artistic genius.

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Happy's web site is currently under construction. Please come back soon to see his portfolio of amazing murals, from whimsical to dramatic. Art for every mood and occasion.